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By integrating your unique comprehensive financial picture when choosing a mortgage, The Aning Team provides you with an enhance understanding of your mortgage options, ensuring you achieve greater financial success.

This holistic approach to mortgage planning includes:

  • An in-depth understanding of your current financial strategy
  • Knowing your present and future cash flow requirements
  • The impact on your tax strategy
  • Significant life changes (retirement, paying for college, etc.)
  • Comprehending your estate planning
  • Understanding how long you plan to stay in your home

We also take into account the overall cost of the mortgage itself as well as any initial expenses and, when needed, we consult with your trusted financial advisors and other professionals.

Our detailed, 4-page loan checklist helps us accelerate the process, as we gather as much critical information up front as possible. It also ensures your loan stays on track throughout the process. We go through step-by-step for each and every loan, each and every time.

To better serve our clients, all Team members continually hone their mortgage and financial expertise, voluntarily attending trainings, seminars and courses to gain additional cutting-edge expertise.

This continuing Team education combined with a well-rounded knowledge of your individual situation guarantees the mortgage loan that best fits your distinct needs.

Please remember that your phone call is never an interruption to our day but in fact, the reason for it. Aside from breaks and lunch, all team members are in the office full time to serve you, our clients!

The best, most efficient place to start!

• Your first introduction to our mortgage team.
• Explains how we work and answers any questions that you might have.
• Schedules your first meeting with Mike or Faith.
• Provides list of all needed documentation.

• Reviews the 3 main components of buying: credit, income and down payment.
• Transparent credit review.
• Discusses all loan options available.
• Reviews the mortgage process.
• Reviews closing costs.
• Works through your specific needs.
• Crafts loan structure.

• Reviews closing costs.
• Locks interest rate.
• Schedules appraisal.
• Confirms all details of loan.
• Notifies clients and Realtors when approved.
• Collects all outstanding needed items.
• Schedules sign off.
• Manages through closing.
• Gets keys from Realtor!

Early on: Submits loan to Loan Processor